All the products we send are accompanied by an authenticity card and a seal certifying and ensuring the quality and authenticity of the product. Before arriving in your hands, they are checked by our experts to ensure their authenticity. All products come directly from our network of retail and professional partners in Europe. They have never been worn and are delivered to you in their original box with all accessories.

We explain everything: these products are released in limited quantities and are out of stock in shops and on traditional websites in a very short time.

Our mission: to give you access to these products, perfectly authentic, in complete safety. For this, we work in partnership with a network of retailers, individuals and professionals in Europe to get you these products, even after their release.

When the products arrive at our premises, they pass through the hands of our experts who ensure their authenticity. Each product is carefully examined: the labels, the seams, the accessories, the packaging, the smell. Every element is scrutinised to guarantee the authenticity of the product you receive.

Our team is dedicated to checking and authenticating each product before it is sent. After passing our inspection and authentication process, your product is returned to its original packaging and we add a seal to your product before returning it to its original packaging and inserting an authenticity card signed by the team member who carried out the inspection, as a guarantee.

We inspect every item before we send it, not only to ensure its authenticity, but also to guarantee that it will never be worn or tried on.

They come with the original box and the original packaging (extra laces, other accessories...).