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Air Jordan 1 Low : The iconic model in low version

The story of this Nike Which started in 1985

A true symbol of hip-hop and sporting culture, the history of this pair is as complex as it is filled with details. Acclaimed by both amateurs and longtime enthusiasts, the Air Jordan 1 is simply considered a must-have in the world of sneaker. This silhouette, initially intended for the short basketball, was created in 1985 by Peter Moore, the very famous designer who also created the Nike Dunk the same year. Consisting of an architecture and a design close to the Air Force 1, it is the very first pair to have been marketed by the brand Air Jordan co-created by Michael Jordan And Nike. We note, however, that Michael Jordan was equipped a few months from the Nike air Ship, time for designers of Nike to design the Air Jordan 1 that we know today. Just like on the time model, we find the famous winged ball more commonly called "Jordan Wings"Who served as a signature.

In terms of performance, technology air of Nike team since 1985 the sole in order to obtain maximum comfort and support as well as reinforced protection at the ankle. For the anecdote, the first version of this named silhouette Bred, in addition to being prohibited on the short not the NBA, was not really to the taste of MJ, finding that the colors chosen were quite connoted: "They make me think of the devil" he said .

A RANGE OF Air Jordan 1 Low For women and men

If the model initially offered in 1985 was a fairly rising version, the brand Jumpman was not content to stay on his achievements and sought to go further in the development of two complementary models. An intermediate version nicknamed Air Jordan 1 Mid will also see the light of day in the early 2000s. Known to all, the Air Jordan 1 High has a rising construction on the ankle. She has experienced a multitude of retro reissues since her launch year. How not to mention the Air Jordan 1 Retro High Royal Toe or the Air Jordan 1 High Shapered backboards 3.0 who have marked in recent months.

There Air Jordan 1 Mid, offered to the public to offer a different style and in continuity of the model OG, resumes the same design But has a lower construction than its big sister, with a collar stopping halfway. This version has been largely put in the spotlight since the end of 2019, notably thanks to the pack Fearless and the very popular AJ1 Mid Red chateau house. A model which therefore gains in popularity and which knows editions incorporating the Colorways of 1985.

There Air Jordan 1 Low As for her, opts for a low shape, ideal for summer days or simply for those who like to vary in terms of sneakers. This is probably a success for Jordan who has accomplished the bet to transcribe all its history in different versions of the model, leaving a wide choice for lovers of Air Jordan 1 Depending on their preferences, seasons and their mood of the moment.

Air Jordan 1 Low : A model that gains in popularity

Since the boom in versions retro occurred in the years 2000, Jordan was largely focused on the editing of its model High, considered the premium model of its range. Generally, you could find the versions Mid And low proposed in large quantities in shopping centers, these models rather placing themselves as an entry -level of the Jordan 1 and as secondary models. But for a few years, the Jordan Brand has made a real turning point and makes efforts as to the diversification of its models. There are more and more colors on the Air Jordan 3 or the real revelation of recent years with the Air Jordan 4. This is also verified in figures: in 2016, on the 40 models offered, no AJ1 Mid was not part of the collection and only 4 were AJ1 low. On the other hand, in 2019, we counted 35 Mid And 17 low on the 80 models launched.

Thanks to this turning point operated by Nike & Jordan, we are recently attending more limited versions of the Air Jordan 1 Low With in particular the AJ1 low Paris or the AJ1 Retro low Travis Scott. In addition, retro colorways do not escape the lower version, we find in particular the versions Royal Toe, Shattered Backboard or the A C. A momentum much appreciated by the community sneakers for whom a very wide choice of colors, shape and design Offer to her!


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