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Nike Dunk : THERE sneakers Retro par excellence

Nike Dunk : A shoe imagined for the basketball

1985 : Nike is then barely 10 years old and the basketball Quickly gaining strengthening to become the predilection sport in the United States. The development teams of the American firm therefore seek a way to take advantage of the popularity of this sport and the legendary market in the same year Air Jordan 1 as well as Nike Dunk. These two models, even today on the front of the stage sneakers have crossed very different routes ...

If the very popular Nike Blazer, Nike Air Force 1 And Air Jordan 1, cited above, are the three main pillars of basketball, there Nike Dunk is not really considered as a reference model. And yet, she was initially imagined to practice on Short. It was in 1985 that Nike reveals a well -tied advertising campaign, named Be True to your School, in which 12 university teams of basketball were honored with a pack including a Dunk And complete outfits in school colors. To name only the best known, this is how universities players St John’s, Syracuse, Kentucky or Michigan were allocated official equipment Nike, that lovers of basketball could find in a list of a few approved stores.

Even if the Dunk did not immediately have an impact on the popular culture, unlike the Air Jordan 1 Who is an immediate success, the launch strategy will bear fruit in the years to come, at a time when the retro will be increasingly acclaimed.

Then adopted by skaters

Shortly after its beginnings, the Dunk has spread beyond the culture of basketball When the community skateboard adopted the model in a completely natural way, for its technical specificities. Indeed, the 1985 silhouette has all Performance characteristics To practice skateboarding, namely maximum lateral support, increased cushioning and special traction to pivot with ease. For versatility and comfort, Nike introduced between 1998 And 2000 a padded tab In nylon, which has even more reinforced their appeal for this shoe.

In 2002 And after studying the needs of skateboard enthusiasts, the Swoosh brand Introduce the division Nike Sb, a range of products specially dedicated to this sliding sport. The brand thus offers Dunk With padding and traction specially designed to meet the requirements of the terrain. And what could be better to highlight this new division? Outputs exclusive to the names of four popular skaters: this is how the versions Reese Forbes, Danny SUPA, Gino Lannucci And Richard Mulder have become mythical iterations of the model and therefore very coveted by lovers of sneakers. But also and above all, how not to mention the Nike Dunk Sb Low Staple NYC PIGEON, which in 2005 was particularly talked about in the media. And this because of the riots caused during its extremely limited exit in the designer Jeff Staple store which had then affixed its pigeon logo on this iteration which remains and will remain an icon of the world of the sneakers.

A pillar of culture sneakers MAN WOMAN

Due to his story straddling the middle of basketball and skateboard, there Dunk has become much more than what Nike hoped at the time. More than being a reference model in the basketball universe, the Dunk is a piece of history of the Swoosh brand which brings together and energizes both the fashion, THE sport and the culture sneakers.

And to continue to bring the Dunk over the years, Nike offers retro outputs highly anticipated such as the reissue of the pack Be True to your School declined on the model Low, where we were able to find the university colorways from St. John, Syracuse And Kentucky, Michigan And Iowa.

On the side High Fashion, we were able to discover in an unprecedented way, a Nike Dunk High Ambush Black White during the parade of the Fashion Week At New York. But other actors like Virgil Abloh managed to get caught up in Nike Dunk A completely different dimension. This is evidenced by one of the most successful geniuses of the founder of Off-White, with his collection "The 50". The principle is simple: to offer 50 variations of the Nike Dunk and this via an exclusive access system via the application SNKRS.

Nike Dunk Low & Nike Dunk High : Two legendary sneakers

Whether the Swoosh brand Understanding one thing, it is the importance of capitalizing on these successful colors. Witness his habit of decline in version High His editions of Dunk Low successful, like editions Syracuse or Kentucky.
It is important to note that Nike Often moves away from its traditional diagram with its leather base and innovates with sets of materials by sometimes combining suede, Sweden or other materials.
Available in sizing male And women, there Nike Dunk stands out by a unisex side and increasingly attractive prices, which are the consequence of the multiplication of colors of the Swoosh brand.
A strategy that has not currently prejudice the brand since the vast majority of sizes of a model are unavailable as soon as they put online or in store ...

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