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THE sneakers : THE MARKET streetwear BOOMING

OF BASKET BALL AT sneakers, A story full of a strong heritage

The genesis of sneakers Begun in the United States over a century ago. Everything starts from the discovery of an American scientist who will later give his name to one of the largest tire companies in the world, Goodyear. It was in 1939 that Charles Goodyear will invent a way of making rubber more flexible, thus creating a more resistance, easily manipulable, and waterproof. This innovation will revolutionize the design of shoes with the appearance of the first rubber soles thus providing very great durability. The first shoes to adorn themselves with this technology are tennis silhouettes. This symbolizes the appearance of modern pairs. It was really in the late 90s that the first modern times sneakers will be created. Thus 2 companies will mark the 20th century: US Rubber Company with the Keds And Converse With the All Star. Converse will completely revolutionize the world of basketball. First silhouette to have walked the prosecution of the Nba, it relies on the old basketball player Chuck Taylor To enlarge his influence. Through basketball camps in all the United States, the ambassador will spread and sell his model to all young basketball players.

In the mid -1930s, the brothers Dassler will also start making shoes for running and high -level athletes. So the very big runner Jesse Owen carried a pair designed by Rudolf And Adolf Dassler During his 4 legendary victories at the Berlin Olympic Game in 1936. After the Second World War, the two men will separate, each creating two empires in basketball, Adidas And Puma. But it was in the 1950s that the term sneakers is born. Young Americans are starting to wear sneakers with their broad symbol of rebellion and provocation. The practical, comfortable and passing aspect will make sports shoes popular to the point of seeing their first use diverted in favor of everyday life.

In this dynamic many sports brands appear, the most famous of all Nike. In 1970 the mark of theOregon Taking his name from Greek mythology and his goddess of victory Niké will offer silhouettes dedicated to the race. Bill Bowerman, one of the founders of Nike will then have an idea in his kitchen. Why not mold the sneakers from a waffle iron. Thus we see the very first racing silhouette equipped with this new sole hanging and adherent, the Waffle Trainer. Nike Perfects the sneaker trend perfectly and manages to reconcile sports model and lifestyle. With ambassadors of choice like Michael Jordan and its signature range Air Jordan, she will dethrone the Chuck Taylor from Converse. Over the years, sports equipment manufacturers have amplified their influence by associating creators like Yohji Yamamoto With Adidas, Salehe Bembury with New Balance or artists with Travis Scott And Nike. You will have understood the sneakers are now the standard in terms of shoes, everywhere around us, sneakers are present, whatever the professional environment, the moment, everyone is carrying a pair of sneakers And it's not about to stop.

Collaborations of sneakers Mythical: Yeezy, Nike Off-White, Y3, Nike Travis Scott

Adidas is by far the first sports equipment manufacturer to have integrated creators into its ranges sneakers. Since 2001 the famous Japanese creator Yohji Yamamoto and its line Y3 reinvents the sneakers And the brand's sportswear clothes with 3 bands. Using the artist's inspiration with sober pieces, in black and white plain colors combining dimension techwear and functional, this line revisits adidas silhouettes like the Pureboost. Likewise for a time the very famous Belgian designer Raf Simons had the chance to create his own sneaker line making a first link between luxury and sportwear with his silhouette Raf Simons Ozweego. But the designer who will completely make Adidas, a major player in the sneakers, It's good Kanye West. Through innovative and avant-garde models he sets his claw and invents one of the most iconic models of the last 10 years: the Yeezy boost 350 V2. With many color variations and different models of Yeezy As with the 700 or the 500, the German brand comes to compete directly the American firm Nike.

the Swoosh brand marked with a master's hand in 2017 with one of the most popular collaborations in the world, Nike X Off-White. The Swoosh associates with the designer Virgil Abloh, founder of the Italian house Off-White and current artistic director of men's collections of Louis Vuitton. The creator of Chicago will rethink 10 models Nike through the collection The Ten. He reveals all his art by destructuring each pair and integrating technical materials into it. Air Jordan 1, Air Force 1, Nike Dunk Low, all these models from this collaboration are now parts of collections symbolizing the meeting between a luxury house streetwear and a sports giant. Real planetary success The two brands continue to extend their partnership with textile collections and sneakers revisiting each sports discipline as with tennis, or running. But what makes the strength of Nike, they are the artists she has among her ambassadors. She can perfectly integrate the creativity and the universe of the most influential artists of this decade in the image of his collaborations with the rapper of Houston Travis Scott. Together, they offer us magnificent Nike Air Force 1, with some swoosh interchangeable or more recently with panels of different materials as with Nike Air Force Fossil.

These two brands are not the only ones to offer us strong collaborations. Puma made a very nice partnership with the very famous singer Rihanna. With its collection Fenty, The German brand lets the singer's universe express themselves with reworked Puma Sweden. We see the appearance of a thick sole bringing a heel effect to this sneakers Classic. Likewise Asics do not hesitate to grab known creators like Sean Wotherspoon. Long -awaited collaboration of 2020, the famous founder of Roundtwo Revisits a silhouette of the Japanese brand in its characteristic style with ribbed velvet panels and bands Asics Customizable. THE sneakers were able to conquer all artistic universes to the point of becoming a fashion element in its own right.

In 2020, the equipment supplier Boston, New Balance, knows a phenomenal renaissance thanks to a new communication strategy on its products, original collaborations and an impeccable product quality. The brand is associated with more or less known entities of the general public such as Jaden Smith, Salehe Bembury, The Parisian fashion label Casablanca by Charaf Tajer or the New York firm Aime Leon Dore, created by Teddy Santis who is the new creative director of the line Made In USA. These personalities have contributed to the launching of the new successful models such as the New Balance 550, THE New Balance 2002R and the New Balance 327.

THE sneakers FROM THE FUTURE : Nike Hyper adapt, adidas futurecraft, Nike Space Hippie

Sports equipment manufacturers are constantly innovating, increasingly pushing the limits of technology. Nike continues to improve the comfort and accessibility of sport to all. Real motto of Tinker Hatfield, mythical designer of Nike, the American sport giant will offer us a whole new revolutionary technology, self-lacing. This is how the Nike Adapt was born. A true technological feat, it allows automatic lacing and marries the shape of any foot thus offering perfect comfort and support for all athletes. Once there sneakers Connected to a smartphone, it is possible to personalize the colors of the LEDs and adjust the lacing directly in the dedicated application. Brands are also innovating in their manufacturing process. Taking into account environmental issues, we have recently seen Nike We take out a collection of 4 unique models with a fully biodegradable mesh. Named Nike Space Hippie, this collection is designed from plastic waste. These sneakers wear a design innovative combining a trendy colorway with a very beautiful swoosh orange. This testifies to the philosophy that has chosen Nike, engage in the environment.

Likewise Adidas was the first sports brand to commit to the environmental cause. The brand then imagined an innovative and daring device directly involving the consumer in the heart of the lifespan of his sneakers. With its model Futurecraft, Adidas offers us the first sneakers 100% recyclable. Sporting a magnificent white shape and a sole in boost, the German equipment supplier invites us to bring him the sneakers Once used to recycle them. An emerging initiative that has been praised by enthusiasts of sneakers and athletes. Whether in terms ofinnovation More ethical technique or manufacturing process, brands are progressing from year to year. So we can wonder how far the sneakers Will they go?

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