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The history of shoes Hoka

The shoes Hoka, designed with expertise and know-how, are the allies of running enthusiasts and other activities related to the race. A design innovative and a thick sole silhouette curved are the strength of these shoes. This famous sole offers a Exceptional cushioning, thus reducing the impact of strides on the joints while offering a better forward transition thanks to its shape. Imagined to meet the needs of athletes on all terrain typologies, regardless of climatic conditions, shoes Hoka Allow those who carry them to push their limits with confidence.

The best performance with shoes running Hoka

Thanks to his extraordinary shoes, Hoka has acquired a very good reputation in terms of sports performance. Their innovative design therefore provides an unequaled cushioning which, in addition to considerably reduce the impact on joints, Minimizes muscle fatigue. The technologies developed by the brand are the signing of this entity bought by the group Deckers Outdoor Corporation in 2013. In addition to sports, the sole Hoka also improves the balance and the stability On support. This unique combination combining comfort and performance allows athletes to train longer without fear. Whether for road racing, trail, or walking, shoes Hoka guarantee experience and Exceptional performance.

Shoe Hoka One One

Range Hoka One One is an emblematic collection that embodies the very essence of innovation and performance wanted by the brand. Designed for demanding runners, these shoes offer a perfect balance between cushioning, lightness and responsiveness. The oversized sole, characteristic of Hoka, ensures an excellent cushioning to reduce the impact on joints and promoting more fluid strides. The One One range is available in different models, suitable for various fields and types of runners. Whether you prefer road races, trails or competitions, One One shoes offer you support to achieve your race goals.

Shoe Hoka Clifton

Range Hoka Clifton 8 is a benchmark in terms of comfort and of versatility. Very appreciated by beginner runners like by experienced athletes, it is distinguished by its exceptional cushioning and lightness. Thanks to its oversized sole in Eva foam, the Clifton provides a feeling of sweetness and stability. Ideal for Road races, training and long distances, this range guarantees a Fluid and reactive stride. With his design Tidy and its performance, the Clifton range offers a higher race experience to accompany you in all your sports adventures.

Shoe Hoka Casserole

The collection Casserole, this is the best solution for the hiking. The models are also equipped with an oversized sole which keeps all the advantages of cushioning, comfort or stability and balance. But in addition to all that, the anacapa silhouettes are accompanied by a Vibram mega-Grip outsole. This sole is accompanied by small crampons who ensure a perfect maintenance on the ground. Light, resistant And sustainable, they are the perfect shoes for short -term hiking.

Trail shoes Hoka

THE trail shoes Hoka are known for their Excellency in the world of racing in kind. Designed for Raised terrains and the Technical trails, they offer a perfect mixture of comfort, stability And grip. Thanks to their oversized sole and cushioning technology, these shoes Reduce shocks and fatigue, allowing runners to browse long distances with confidence. Trail models Hoka also have strategically placed crampons for a Excellent traction on all surfaces, even slippery. Whether it's running in the mountains or exploring demanding trails, trail shoes Hoka are the ideal choice for outdoor excursions.

Why choose shoes from running Hoka ?

When we talk about running, the brand Hoka arrives very quickly in the conversation. This is one of the best choices for racing shoes. The technologies developed by the brand make it one of the best alternatives in the world of running. An exceptional cushioning, a remarkable comfort, a reactive traction and a design innovative make the strengths ofHoka. All these advantages allow amateurs and confirmed to run longer without getting tired while limiting the impacts on the joints. Thanks to its varied range, Hoka meets the specific needs of runners on the road or in trail. But beyond having made a place of choice in the world of running, the models Hoka have also recently become models of sneakers as well as Nike And New Balance, that have found it on the shelves of sneakers women and sneakers male.

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