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Nike Air Max 90, A PAIR RUNNING Aggressive silhouette

Nike, Reference brand of sneakers

The first one Nike Air Max Arrived as a revolutionary feat in the world of basketball. designin 1987 by the greatest creator of the Swoosh brand, Tinker Hatfield, this sneakers quickly conquered the hearts of enthusiasts of sneakers. It's here Air Max 1 who will open the way to a series of models that will gradually become icons to male and for women. Integrating technology Nike Air, first area bubble integrated into a sole, this sneaker has established itself as the classic of the brand of theOregon. Her design It is reminiscent of the imposing Center Pompidou in Paris and its colorful tubes. The legend would say that Tinker Hatfield would have found inspiration by seeing the architecture of the Beaubourg Center in Paris where he then stayed. So from the birth of Air Max 1 Warsity Red, We have seen the appearance of several innovative models and all colors such as Air Max 97, there Air Max 95 and of course the Nike Air Max 90. More comfortable, the 90s silhouette conquered athletes with better maintaining. Through competitions like Paris we Air and the Air Max Day The American equipment supplier was able to establish its innovative brand position while anchoring its sneakers Air Max In the minds of all generations.

Nike Air Max 90, An aggressive and avant-garde shape

Having had resounding success, the Nike Air Max 1 had to find his successor. Tinker Hatfield To therefore redouble their efforts to offer us a new innovative model. More comfortable than the Air Max 1, this silhouette sports a heel and a bubble ofAir more imposing to meet the needs of runners. The brand's designer at swoosh has always wanted to make the sport And make sure to best help all athletes. In this approach, he also reworks the pair with a leather strengthening on the sides and a more aggressive line, aerodynamic thus perfectly marrying the movement of stride. Outing in an iconic first color Infrared, this sneakers being inspired by Nike Air Max 1 even was declined in a unique colorway named "Air Near "for the president of the United States George W. Bush Senior. The famous American politician will proudly wear the shoe during his daily shopping, thus making an emblematic promotion. Designed for the practice of sport This model will be diverted from its basic function in favor of the current streetwear and urban culture.

Collaborations Nike Air Max 90 Strong: Nike X Basement, Off-White, Levi’s

Nike arises as the reference in terms of collaborations. Through its partnerships, the American firm affirms its models as classics of the basketball world. Over the past ten years, the Nike Air Max 90 was revisited by creators but also brands with strong heritage like Levi’s. We can first note the most iconic collaboration of the model with the label Off-White founded by the famous designer Virgil Abloh, current artistic director of men's collections Louis Vuitton. The creator of Chicago will completely redesigned the model with a unstructured swoosh sewn with a Zig Zag seam and transparent technical materials. Declined in 3 colorways, Black, White, And Desert, this sneaker completely made passionate about sneakers crazy. A magnificent pack in collaboration with the English media Tea Basis was created in October 2019. Through a colorway symbolizing the city of London And Glascow, Basement offers us unique customization with a sachet of several interchangeable swoosh. Lately, with its customization program, Nike associates with Levi's famous creator of denim to offer us to personalize a Nike Air Max 90 and an Nike Air Force 1. Nike Also inscribed his silhouette in a more premium universe as with his collaboration with the haute couture label, UNDEFEATED Around a pack of 8 colors. Once again the Oregon firm perfectly captures trends to anchor its models in the history of the sneakers.

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