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Fashionable brand shoe

Reference in the field of sneakers in limited, new and authentic edition, Wethenew expands its catalog to become the perfect place to put on yourself as you wish. Thus, many brands of Trends shoes have appeared on Wethenew.

Whatever the season, or your needs, we certainly have the model of shoes you need from a wide selection of brands and models extended to the rhythm of trends. Sneakers, sandals, moccasins or boots And slippers, all the pairs essential to your style are on Wethenew.

Ugg, Crocs, Birkenstock, Dr Martens, Clarks, Vans, all these shoe brands have at least two common points: they are trendy and are available on Wethenew. UGG boots and slippers are most comfortable thanks to their woolen lining And offer an inimitable style. Birkenstock stands out for its mythical associated look and its Liège orthopedic foot bed who made his fame. Playing the culture of skate and streetwear, Vans is a timeless brand whose identity is perfectly reflected in its designs known to all. Dr. Martens It is alliance of comfort and rebellious style marked by quality leather and foolproof resistance while Crocs It is lightness, freedom, a design Bold and some daring variations for exceptional comfort in summer outside and winter inside.

Whether for a relaxed look, maximum comfort or more robustness, the most iconic pairs of people The shoe are at hand.

Men's shoe

An essential element of an outfit, shoes allow all men to define their style while meeting their need for comfort, resistance or even functionality. Rather relaxed or formal, whatever the outfit chosen, there is a pair of adequate shoes. Of quality leather With Dr Martens for a more serious style, a more relaxed style thanks to the light lines of Vans or one between two thanks to Clarks, there are some for everyone and all occasions. Find a wide selection of shoes, alongside the sneakers, on Wethenew to combine aesthetics, sustainability and style.

Female shoe

Like men, women wear shoes and express their personality through them. More than an accessory, shoes are completely part of the outfit. At the rate of the seasons, women's shoes also follow trends. Ugg has, for example, imposed as the essential brand of winter thanks to its unparalleled aesthetic and its legendary wool lining that offers comfort and heat throughout the cold season.

Trendy sandals

An inevitable trend of summer, sandals offer a relaxed style in addition to offering comfort and freshness. And to lead this trend of sunny days, two brands stand out: Birkenstock And Crocs.

The German brand is going through the years with the same success. Handicraft know-how, quality materials and an inimitable style, are the watchwords of Birkenstock. Known for their resistance, their longevity but also and above all for their comfort, the sandals Birkenstock are the ideal choice for a walk in town or a day at the beach.

For his part, Crocs has revolutionized the world of sandal since its creation in 2002. Its secret, a design as innovative as they are. Thought at the base to be brought to the beach or on a boat, the shoes Crocs quickly conquered the whole world. Sandals recognizable at first glance, the Crocs are designed in plastic to combine comfort, lightness and atypical silhouette. Very versatile, these shoes can be worn by the sea as well as in the city.

Treat yourself to a pair of trendy sandals and take full advantage of a summer combining stylish and comfort!

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