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Why choose sneakers eco managers?

In order to be more Nature respectful, many brands make it a point of honor to offer consumers products that respond more to the issues of sustainable development. Over the years, the abusive consumption of all goods and in particular sneakers caused a intensive production who does not agree with ecology. This is why many people opt for more eco-responsibility.

How to recognize sneakers eco managers?

In order to offer more environmentally friendly products, brands turning to models of sneakers eco managers use several techniques. The most common is to act directly on the production of pairs. Thus, manufacturers of sneakers offer alternatives using other materials for the design of their products such as materials partly or completely recycled and/or recyclable. There are also natural alternatives such as vegetable leather, which can come from fruit such as pineapple leather, or vegetable materials obtained, for example, from sugar cane.

Certain brands, in addition to offering an eco -responsible design in terms of materials, act directly for the environment by supporting causes that are dear to them. The animal cause is one of the most appreciated by the manufacturers. To support them, some brands sometimes offer Vegan products, which do not use No material of animal origin, and some of them even donate part of their turnover to NGO.

What brand makes sneakers eco managers?

The two largest manufacturers on the market, to whom we owe the most mythical models of sneakers, what are Nike And Adidas, act in this responsible eco movement.

In this direction, Nike Promise more and more models that are more respectful of the environment. It is on its bestsellers that the brand from Beaverton most regularly proposes eco -responsible variations, namely the Nike Dunk Low, there Air Force 1 Low, but also the Air Max 90, there Blazer or the Air Jordan 1 in its versions High, Mid And Low.

Nike Even adopted this more responsible behavior through its collaborations. When the Swoosh brand worked with Union on the Cortez, the American brand did not hesitate to install a sole Nike Grind, designed from Falls of manufacturing materials and recycled shoes. It is in this vision that the Swoosh brand will present his action Move to zero and its product range Next Nature, made from at least 20 % recycled materials in weight. ThatThe aim is to reduce carbon emissions and therefore tend to the zero carbon, zero wasteAll products Next Nature Are provided in a recycled, without protective paper box. This aims to reduce theecological impactcarbon emissions and non -recyclable waste.

For his part, Adidas also distinguished himself in the responsible eco, in particular through his work with Sean Wotherspoon. In addition to that, Adidas offers eco -responsible models via the label of Kanye West, yeezy. Thus, the Yeezy Foam RNNR is partly made up of a material designed from algae cultivated at UNITED STATES.

Dress ethically

In order to pay attention to the planet, more and more people opt for a more lifestyle ethics. In this sense, many people change their consumption methods and favor clothes and sneakers eco managers. The population then turned to products from short circuits, what Reduces the carbon impact, and therefore made in a limited geographical area. These products can also be designed from recycled and/or recyclable materials and therefore more respectful of the environment, or even vegans.

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