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Air Jordan 1 Mid, Between heritage and evolution of the Jumpman

Air Jordan 1 Mid: A strong story

True symbol of hip-hop and sporting culture, the history of Air Jordan 1 is as dense as that of the essential Air Force 1. Acclaimed by both amateurs and longtime enthusiasts, This pair is simply what is called a "must-have". This sneaker from basketball courses was created in 1985 by Peter Moore, the very famous designer also known to be the creator of the range Equipment from Adidas. Consisting of an architecture and a design close to the Air Force 1, it is the very first shoe to have been marketed by the brand Air Jordan co-created by Michael Jordan And NIKE. Just like on the time model, we find the famous winged ball more commonly called "Jordan Wings"who served as a signature. In terms of performance, technology Air of NIKE team since 1985 the sole in order to obtain maximum comfort and support as well as reinforced protection at the ankle. For the anecdote, the first version of this named shoe Bred was not allowed on the shorts by the NBA. This did not respect the championship dress code. Michael Jordan therefore received a fine of $ 5,000 for each appearance with the Air Jordan 1 High on the ground. NIKE paid each fines and used this controversy to promote the model.

A MODEL NIKE Air Jordan 1 Mid For men and women declined for lifestyle

Far from only having in common with the Air Jordan 1 High his name, the Air Jordan 1 Mid Inspire it directly. Offered to the public to offer a different style and in continuity of the model OG, there Air Jordan 1 Mid resumes the same leather construction and the same design But has a lower construction than its big sister, with a pass stopping halfway. Also a way for the Jumpman brand to expand its range, as is also the case with the Air Jordan 1 Low, this half-mining model is both more aesthetic for some people and more practical depending on the parts chosen to develop an outfit that will match perfectly with it. It is rather a success for Jordan who has accomplished the bet to transcribe all his history in different versions of the model, leaving a wide choice for lovers of Air Jordan 1 Depending on their preferences, seasons and their mood of the moment. The prices of the silhouette also remain very attractive, which is not negligible given the democratization of the resale of pairs of rare sneakers such as the Air Jordan 11 !
Thought both for men and women, the unisex aspect of the model is also essential as one of the main reasons for its success!

NIKE Innovates with special editions and remarkable colors

Since the subject of the wide choice proposed by Jordan Was we addressed, how can we not mention the multitude of colors offered? Through rather sober and discreet versions as with the Air Jordan 1 mid Wolf Grey or the Air Jordan 1 Mid White Light Smoke Gray but as well by more daring and colorful silhouettes, like the Air Jordan 1 Mid To My First Coach, the Jumpman brand Think of everyone's tastes. This silhouette also quickly knew how to grab the codes of "street culture" to conquer the hearts of all generations thanks to some special editions and more than successful collaborations. We find in particular ever more original reinterpretations such as the pack Fearless and his very successful Air Jordan 1 Maison Château Rouge, but also with the Air Jordan 1 Mid A C which takes up the colors of the University of North Carolina where played Michael Jordan. This emblematic color of Jordan Brand will also be available on the very trendy Air Jordan 4

The brand at Jumpman will undoubtedly continue on this momentum by impressing the community sneakers With new colors and special editions, to find on Wethenew!

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