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Nike X SACAI, The history of collaborations

Japan and streetwear ?

THE streetwear draws its origin from the street and its inspiration from its residents and their influences. If hip-hop remains the heart of this movement, Japanese culture has also made a place for itself in the heart and mind of the carriers of streetwear. Japanese artists, themselves influenced by this new wave, develop their own brands, in innovative designs and techniques. We find in the 90s, the Goodenough brand of the Hiroshi Fujiwara DJ. Its specificity? All the label parts are limited and sold at a high price in order to create a feeling of rarity and desire.

Nike is interested in the brand and develops a collection in collaboration with the Japanese label. Shortly after other brands will be born, for example Fragment design From Hiroshi Fujiwara, or the famous brand A Bathing APE created by the protégé of Fujiwara, Nigo. Real coup de force, BAPE revolutionized the market of streetwear Japanese by its exclusive and sharp models whose Japanese pop culture is the common thread. The boutiques with neat decoration and unique style also have effect, since the famous Parisian trend store, Colette, then calls on its services.

Him and the creator of the brand Undersonal, Jun Takahshi will also collaborate for an extremely limited clothing brand called A.F.F.A (Anarchy Forever Forever Anarchy). It is from this period in Japan that the fashion for rarity and exclusivity will really come to be born. Meanwhile, fashion houses such as Comme des Garçons Or like Kenzo, a French company founded by Japanese Kenzo, are made a beautiful place in the landscape of luxury and fashion. Over time Japanese creators like Issey Miyake or Yohji Yamamoto are increasingly considerable in the fashion industry, like the movement "streetwear".

American artists will start to wear parts of Japanese creators. This is how brands like Nike And Adidas will be much more seriously interested in these new heavyweights in fashion. New partnerships will then be born. We can take the example of the HTM creation section of Nike, which groups Tinker Hatfield, creator, among others, legendaries Nike Air Max Or the designer Hiroshi Fujiwara. The Undercover label also becomes a partner close to the Swoosh brand, again until today. Iconic collaborations are emerging. As an example, the famous Bapesta imagined by the creator of the label Yeezy, Kanye West, in collaboration with BAPE Or the creation line of Y-3 bringing together Yohji Yamamoto and Adidas. The brands of Japanese creators will also associate with their American counterparts for collections streetwear unique. With for example: Comme des Garçons And Nike, BAPE and adidas, etc.

SACAI, the heir to culture streetwear Japanese.

This new culture of streetwear Japanese has given many heirs. One of the first and most striking is the Sacai brand. Founded in 1999 in Tokyo, this label is the fruit of the work of Chitose Abe. The designer spends eight years with Rei Kawakubo and Junya Watanabe to manage the creation house Comme des Garçons. Very discreet, the Japanese learned from these two illustrious designers before trying the solo adventure. She then created the label SACAI, inspired by the particular and heterogeneous universe of Japanese capital.

Based on the work and the juxtaposition of materials, Chitose Abe is increasingly talking about it within the underground scene. With these conceptual designs, specific to Japanese fashion, the fluidity of silhouettes and the contemporary aspect of its models, SACAI Gradually go for a place in the fashion world. Thus the brand scrolls for the first time in Paris in 2006 in front of the greatest laying in the middle. Consecrated by insiders, the designer opens her flagship in Tokyo in 2011. The brand will then set up around the world with 90 stores. In 2012, SACAI enters the official Paris Fashion Week calendar. Despite its popularity in the fashion industry, the label is still little known to the general public. The Japanese brand collaborates with Nike for an exceptional collection of sneakers. A collaboration bringing to the creation of Chitose Abe, greater visibility.

Nike SACAI, an avant-garde and unprecedented collaboration.

Revealed during the presentation parade of the Japanese brand SS19, the collaboration between Nike And SACAI created the event in the world of sneakers. After many partnerships with other Japanese labels, such as Undercover or AMBUSH, the American company gives free rein to the creative ideas of chitosis Abe. Playing with the identity of the brand, the designer transposes the juxtaposition of the materials and the contrast of the reliefs on the silhouettes of Nike. Several sneakers are thus reworked: the classic Blazer and the sportswoman Waffle.

Completely revisited in their design, the empeigns These silhouettes are cleared, giving an unprecedented and avant-garde unstructured aspect. With several colors mixing red, blue and green, the first editions of these collaborations are a real success. Building on this popularity, the two brands continue this partnership to give other tones to the models and develop tennis outfit for American players. In a period when collaborations have become regular, associations between American and Japanese brands remain a sure value of creativity and modernism. The collection Nike X Sacaï is the perfect example.

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