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Yeezy BOOST 350 V2, More than a pair of sneakers, AN ICON

The ascent of Kanye West in fashion

Rapper, producer, designer, big fashion and art lover, Kanye West Can we call a complete artist. Eager to create products under his own name, he begins his ascent by collaborating with more or less success with several brands of streetwear : Bape or Nike For example. Avant-garde to the end, he also joins with Louis Vuitton On a series of sneakers. We take note that Virgil Abloh, current artistic director of the Parisian fashion house, is none other than the former right -hand man of the American rapper. Dissatisfied and frustrated by these different collaborations, it was in 2015 that he crossed paths with the sports equipment supplier Adidas, ready to offer it not a simple collaboration but the creation of a common entity in the manner of Nike And Jordan. From this meeting is born the brand Yeezy, now essential in the world streetwear and sneaker.

Yeezy 350 & Yeezy 750, the start of success

This in -depth collaboration first gives life to the silhouette of the Yeezy 750. Strongly resembling the Nike Air Yeezy II, sneakers from the partnership preceding with Nike, the extremely limited edition model makes the buzz and quickly unleashes crowds. Building on the first success, Ye, as the rapper likes to call himself, recurrences and reveals the model which will be the most popular and popular of the whole of designer Footwear, the Yeezy BOOST 350.

With his design Futurist and aerodynamics, the pair is very quickly established as the essential silhouette of recent years. She greatly participates in popularizing and democratizing the system of sneakers As a limited edition that we know today with handpicked recovery and a draw system to win the right to buy its version of the model.

Adidas and Kanye West strongly bet on silhouettes like the very futuristic Yeezy BOOST 380, but also on shoes with a dad shoe appearance like the Yeezy 500, or the Yeezy 700. More recently, the attention of the duo, however, seems to be focused on the models qualified as panties, as the very popular Yeezy Slide or the Yeezy Foam RNNR !


In stride, in 2016, Kanye West reveals a second edition. Update and modernized, the silhouette generally retains the same lines as its previous version. Soberly named Yeezy BOOST 350 V2, the architecture of the pair is slightly re-imagined, wider, with more curves, more generous in short. This sneaker further pushes the nail and the pair a little more asserts itself as the most popular limited edition model ever released. With a design just as avant-garde as the previous version, it consists of a Primeknit slipper base resting a sole equipped with technology BOOST from Adidas. Since its release, the Yeezy 350 V2 has been available in many colors: Zebra, Beluga, Bred, Triple White...

Considered a visionary by all of his colleagues, Kanye West is today one of the most influential creators in the world. Each new release is an event! New reference in fashion and sneakers, already a classic despite its recent release, you will be unable to miss the silhouette of the Yeezy 350 V2, already widely adopted by an ever larger audience.

How to cut them Yeezy BOOST 350 V2 ?

As for Yeezy 350, we recommend on each model to take half a size above your usual size. For example, if you make 40 EU, we advise you to opt for a 40 2/3 EU! The front of the foot which can often be slightly compressed by the Primeknit, which is why we recommend half size above. This allows you to enjoy the comfort and this "slipper" as much as appreciated by fans of Yeezy !

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