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Dr Martens shoes

Dr. Martens, often called simply "Docs"By connoisseurs, is an emblematic brand of shoe which embodies the fusion between sustainability, daring style and rebellion.

The history of the English brand Dr Martens

Dr. Martens has made a place of choice there are more than 60 years. This timeless fashion icon has become the ultimate reference in shoe. Created in 1947 by the German doctor Klaus Maertens, this emblematic brand has become a symbol of alternative culture and resistance, until even find a place at the feet of lovers of sneakers. Boots and shoes Dr. Martens are recognized for their robustness thanks to their manufacture in superior leather and their famous Cushion sole ofair. Carried by generations of icons of music, cinema and fashion, Dr. Martens are much more than a simple shoe, they marked the story with their imprint, just as could have done Clarks.

Mules Dr Martens

Inspired by the famous brand's boots, mules Dr Martens remain in line with the models created by the brand while adding a touch of sophistication. Made of quality leather, they display the famous "Airwair" notched sole of Dr. Martens.

Whether for a relaxed outing or an evening in town, the mules Dr. Martens Add a touch of character to any outfit. Their design without laces makes them easy to put on, while emblematic details such as yellow stitching And the loop at the back recall the heritage of the brand.

Leather Dr Martens Sandals

Leather sandals Dr. Martens embody a robust elegance. Made from the same high quality leather that has made the brand renown, they offer sustainability and style in a single package. Their design is distinguished by emblematic details such as yellow topstitching and Airwair notched soles. Leather sandals Dr. Martens are the perfect incarnation of the rebellious attitude and exceptional crafts that have characterized the brand for decades.

Boots Dr Martens

Boots Dr. Martens are fashion icons that cross generations. Renowned for their robustness and their distinctive style, these emblematic boots have conquered the hearts of rebels, musicians, and fashion enthusiasts for decades. Made with superior quality leather, they also display the famous "Airwair" notched sole Dr. Martens, notably offering exceptional grip.

Whether for an evening in town, a music festival or simply a day of walking in town, the boots Dr. Martens Add a touch of character to any outfit. Their yellow seams and timeless aesthetics are a tribute to the brand's heritage.

How to cut Dr Martens?

Due to their leather manufacture, Dr Martens tend to cut smaller. It is therefore advisable to take a size above these shoes known to be rigid. Wearing Dr Martens with a fairly thick pair of socks will help relax leather and therefore find more comfort. On the other hand, the varnished leather models have the disadvantage of remaining rather rigid.

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