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Nike Blazer, a model, a story

Nike has become over the years, the world leader in sneakers And the 1st equipment manufacturer in the world. But you should know that it has not always been the case. In 1973 the Oregon brand was mainly established in the world of running in which she performed. The creators of Nike, Phil Knight And Bill Bowerman want more, ambitious and having a strong desire to develop by touching again sports, they decide to conquer the Basketball. There Nba knows an exponential craze, which places the Basketball like the number 1 sport at UNITED STATES. However, a well -known brand, Converse is already very present on the prosecution of the league with its famous Converse All Star Chuck Taylor 70. So the brand at swoosh must quickly create and take out a model to increase its notoriety. We see a pair with a minimalist style that composed of a rising leather upper affixed with a large swoosh. Classic but terribly comfortable shoe for shoes of the time, it perfectly maintains the ankles of players of Basketball.

Once the silhouette has been created, it was necessary a name that was going to remain in the memories forever. As a symbol, Nike decides to call his first silhouette Basketball Blazer in tribute to Geoff Petrie, first basketball player in the franchise to have worn a pair of Nike In the NBA. Nike will offer himself an ambassador of choice with George Gervin, famous player of San Antonio Spurs Between 1972 and 1985. True emblematic sportsman, man nicknamed Ice Man will propel the pair to the rank of sneakers Basketball of reference thanks in particular to impressive stats which earns him the title of best marker of the Nba 4 times. Real icon, we will see it proudly display the blazer on the communications of the supplier of theOregon. So Nike had just signed his entry into the world of Basketball, but without knowing it, this silhouette was going to take a completely different turn with the boom in skateboarding but also culture sneakers


A silhouette winning in skateboarding

THE skateboard, Hip hop will start to emerge and explode in the 80s. Many performances shoes will then take another dimension more lifestyle, that's what we will call them sneakers. Little by little Nike Dunk and the appearance of jordan will precipitate the decline of the blazer in the world of Basketball for the benefit of skateboarding. The pair adapts perfectly to the practice of skateboarding allowing effective maintenance of the ankle of the riders. Its flat sole, its design sober do this sneakers A classic that can agree with all sports and any situation. We thus find variations playing on materials with leather, Sweden. Likewise the version Low makes its appearance which will amplify the aspect lifestyle Silhouette. Once the model is well developed the brand swoosh will rely on strong collaborations like with Slam Jam, Off-White or even editions Nike Sacai To amplify your influence. La Blazer will experience a notable renewal with the creation of the range Nike Sb


Collaborations Nike Strong blazer: Off-White, Sacai, Slam Jam

Like he usually does Nike Do not hesitate to collaborate with various universes in order to revisit its classics. We thus find collaborations which have marked the Nike Blazer as with the Slam Jam. Release in 2019 in a first white colorway, this sneakers Extremely limited to 1977 copies was out of stock very quickly. Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Italian store, this model has a swoosh In black leather embroidered in the opposite direction on the inner side which makes all the charm of the silhouette. A black version also was born at the end of 2019, taking up the same design. This sneaker testifies to the love of the model with basketball fans. What also gave a second breath to the model is the work of the famous designer Virgil Abloh, artistic director of men's collections Louis Vuitton And big fan of the range Air Jordan. By creating his collection Nike Off-White named The Ten, he will put his claw and his vision of a modern and unstructured fashion. We see 3 colors appear on transparent materials and a swoosh redesigned in its positioning with the Nike Blazer Off-White The Ten, there Black and the All Hallow's Eve. Real collector's room, this collaboration marked the brand's silhouette revolution at swoosh. In this same line, the famous Japanese designer, Chitose Abe and her labelSacai, will revisit the blazer in her way in 4 colors with the Black Legend Blue, there Snow Beach, there Black, there White. True to his work, we find materials doubled with 2 superimposed swoosh, 2 tabs and 2 laces. Again, this collaboration was immediate. Through time, Nike has managed to identify trends in order to rethink its classic model to register it over time.

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