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New Balance 991: a technical and comfortable basketball

The 991 is the fruit of 12 years of innovation within the technical teams of New Balance. Presented in 2001, it is the first pair in the range 99x to obtain a whole new sole with cushioning Abzorb which stretches from the heel to the front of the outsole. This new technology is based on shock absorption foam that retains energy created by contact with the soil and redistributes it for optimal comfort. The sole is completed by an outsole with rubber cushioning Ndurancewhich offers an excellent rebound. The aerodynamic silhouette will be presented under the myhthical color Gray, signature of Running models of NB. The particularity of 991 is based on its exclusively made in UK design. It is manufactured in Flimby factories in Cumbria in the United Kingdom, which has the effect of guaranteeing the quality of execution of models 991. Its European design premium denotes Asian productions that models can have such as New Balance 550. Considered an timeless classic, the model will be the subject of many collaborations including those with PapeProy Paris, Patta of Amsterdam and Slam Jam in Italy.

New Balance 991: what differences with the 990 & 992

It's in1982 that the equipment supplier Boston asserts itself as the number 1 brand in the world of sneakers ofrunning And acquire his identity that we know today in particular thanks to the appearance on these shoes of the iconic logo "NOT"lateral designé byTerry Heckler. It is in this context that the equipment supplier Boston reveals the New Balance 990, first shoe of the brand to be marketed at the price of100$(which represents $ 273 in 2022). It stands out for the exceptional quality of its materials and its gray color code which indicates competition sneakers which offered models with fluorescent and neon keys. The identity of New Balance is then created and will impact the world of sneakers for ever. This minimalist aesthetic is taken up by contemporary models such as the New Balance 2002R and his collection Refined Future, nicknamedProtection Pack, imagined by the Chinese designer Yue wu. The brand at the capital also tries to reinvent itself through collaborations with labels such as Casablanca on the New Balance 327. The 99x rangeis popularized by Steve Jobs, founder of Apple who loved models and which wore it during its emblematic Keynotes. Philanthrope loved the comfort and versatility of the product. He will be so won over by the model that certain rumors suggest that he would have been involved in the creation of New Balance 992 to the design made in U.S.A.

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