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sneakers AT Black Friday : Your favorite pairs in promotion on Wethenew

Each year, Wethenew checks in her calendar the date of Black Friday To make you benefit from promotions on the best pairs of sneakers male And sneakers women

The origin of Black Friday : OÙ does he come?

Giants of the sportswear industry asNikeAdidas AndNew Balance Align with this same period every year to offer their best products at broken prices. At the start, the Black Friday designated the Friday following the traditional party ofThanksgiving celebrated in the United States and Canada.This day created in the 1930s consisted for merchants to offerdiscounts important on products sold to revive their economy. It also marks the start of purchases ofChristmas For families and takes its name because of the days "black people"Due to the enormous crowds of customers in different businesses. Like our favorite brands, we offer you a selection of our bestsneakers limited exclusively inpromotion on the occasion ofBlack Friday.

THE Black Friday And culture sneakers

Who says famous event says special edition of sneakers! In effect, the Swoosh brand And Air Jordan have passed masters in this area with strong collaborations launched in 2018 and 2019. This is also an opportunity for Nike to bring out some of its archive models. On the other side, Yeezy And Adidas do not derogate from the rule. The label of Kanye West has already offered an extremely limited edition pack specially during the Black Friday. In parallel with the limited outings, the equipment manufacturers took the opportunity to settle their timeless bestsellers.

What sneakers Are eligible for the offer?

This year, you will find many sneakers in promotions! To do not miss any of our offers, consult our site!

Black Friday Nike 

When we think of Black Friday, our gaze goes directly to the manufacturers and the most famous and expected of them is certainly Nike Who has continued to update his catalog by reinventing some of his best models. And these best models will be on promotion on Wethenew.

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