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THE Air Max Day, A day filled with history ...

At the origin of the range: Tinker Hatfield

The model Air Max is no longer to present. Indeed, this range that has forever marked the history of sneakers dates back to the last century. In 1987, the designer Tinker Hatfield is inspired by the George Pompidou center to imagine a silhouette otherwise known as the name of Air Max 1... in addition to this model, it is also behind the design of two Air Jordan, there AJ3 and the AJ4.

Why such a craze around Mr. Hatfield's favorite model, the Air Max 1 ? The main reason lies in the fact that bubble sole technology, technology Nike AIR appears for the first time on this model. Never seen and unprecedented for the time, this silhouette, which had become emblematic thereafter experienced several variations such as the « White/Varsity Red ». THE Air Max Day Then plays an important role because it is during this event that several variations of all kinds of the model are revealed.
New silhouettes obviously followed the Air Max 1 which remains, from a historical point of view, the reference of the growing range.

The evolution of the range Air Max

The objective of Nike is then drawn: continue to improve technology AIR Present on its models, while making it emerge in terms of visibility. Indeed, beyond the comfort and technology incorporated, the key word remains success, in this case, success with the community sneakers. New models then expand the range Air Max.

  • There Air Max 90, improved version of the 1st edition, and has become iconic today.
  • There Air Max 180, with his bubble ofAIR in direct contact with the ground.
  • There Air Max 93 and its window bypassing the heel
  • There Air Max 95, with technology AIR on the front and back of the shoe,
  • There Air Max 97, also emblematic model and first to have a bubble AIR present on the entire sole.
  • There Air Max Plus, Or Shark, Updated version of the AM95, enjoying a great success in its re -editions.
  • There Air Max 360, with a sole only made up of bubble ofAIR.
  • And finally, recent models such as 720, equipped with technology AIR at the forefront of what is best today.

But the strength of American giant lies in knowing how to live with your time. In effect, Nike will continue his research, his analyzes, in order to constantly place himself as the technology tutor sneakers... a daring bet but successful on the whole range Air Max, then became a classic, a sure value of sneakers.

The importance of Air Max Day

It all started the March 26, 1987, date during which the first edition of the Air Max Day. A launch that will have marked the spirits as expected, and which will confirm that the range Air Max is definitely the queen of the world of sneakers. But this event beyond celebrating the anniversary of the creation of Air Max, is a real opportunity to highlight the range, imagining reissue In colors, silhouettes, models, and to make a further promotion of it, with the implementation of physical launches, and thanks to any type of artists, places, activities. For example, a showcase took place in a Citadium store, welcoming Joke And Dinos punchlinovic.

In addition, the importance of an event such as the Air Max Day is doubly felt with the very special addition of inscriptions or illustrations affixed to the outings concerned. For example, we have just noticed the « 3.26 » on the tab of the Nike Air Max 1 Air Max Day, exceptional and very limited iteration released for the occasion.

Thus, this date over the years, has quickly become a historic day celebrating the range of Air Max. This day is both symbolic and commercial because it also allows the equipment supplier to imagine very special pairs. But what makes this day so unique above all is the enthusiasm of the community and thousands of enthusiasts who meet every year!

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