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Fear Of God, The accomplished work of Jerry Lorenzo

From retail to parades, a dazzling peak

Jerry Lorenzo was born in 1977 in Evansville and grew up in Chicago. His father, Jerry Manual, was a great player, coach and chicago manager White Sox and New York Mets, American baseball team. Very early in the world of sport, Jerry Lorenzo follows studies in business school and even plans to embark on a business marketing business.

In addition to that, he works in the retail And gets a passion for this activity in which he will end up immersing himself in Full-Time. In 2013, He ends up launching his brand Fear Of God which becomes a must of streetwear Thanks to sharp interpretations of urban parts, such as zipper-free hoodies, extra-long t-shirts, aviator jackets ... Military sneakers comes to project the artist and his brand towards a great success and which is more timeless ...

Pointe collaborations

Fear Of God is also marked by breathtaking collaborations. He launched in 2018 with the SWOOSH brand A series of exclusive models, specific to the identity of the Californian brand. We remember in particular the iconic Air Fear of God 1 or the Air Skylon 2 Fear Of God which have been a great success in terms of image as well as sales.

It is also in 2018 that Jerry Lorenzo decides to create Essentials, brand streetwear urban taking up the modern codes of Fear Of God. Fruit of the work of the artist's two works, several collections go out with crewnecks, hoodies, t-shirts and other pieces streetwear brandered "Essential Fear Of God ». More recently, Converse succeeds in establishing itself as a new brand collaborating with Fog, and imagines 3 colors to Chuck Taylor All-Star 70s, in sober tones like the image of the Californian brand.

A still uncertain destiny

But the story of Fear Of God It remains to be written and the fate of the brand is not quite traced. Indeed, as Jerry Lorenzo announces in several interviews, the important thing for him remains to find a balance. « Fear Of God is not a brand, it is a conviction He delivers. "Maybe I'm going to make furniture," he adds with a touch of humor. It shows one thing: Jerry Lorenzo knows how to adapt and proudly assumes the direction he wants to borrow.

The end of collaboration with Nike announced at the beginning of 2020, having had the effect of a bomb within the community sneakers, underlines this aspect of the brand. Inspirations drawn from icons in the city of Chicago such as Virgil Abloh Or Kanye West Place Jerry Lorenzo among the largest in today's fashion world. A world filled with changes and developments, which do not scare him, quite the contrary ...

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